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Ready to travel then you realize that your passport is expired? No problem, we can help you out with the stressful process check out the requirements. Check out the process and requirements.

To Renew a U.S. Passport, one or more of the following must apply:

  • You are NOT a first time applicant;
  • and your passport has not been expired more than 5 years;
  • and you were over 16 at the time it was issued;
  • and you have not changed your legal name;
  • or you changed your legal name and can prove it.

How do I obtain a renewed U.S Passport?
You must gather all documents listed below.

  • We will process a new passport book with a new passport number and return the old passport to you.

Document Checklist

1. Physical Passport
Send us your expiring/expired Passport. We will return your old Passport along with your new Passport.
Note: The new Passport will have a different Passport number.

  • If you do not have your Passport or have limited validity (emergency passport), you will need to apply for a New Passport

2. Photo Requirements
Two identical passport photos (2×2 with white background). Click here for details

  • Your photo should not be attached to the form

3. Passport Application Form
Complete the DS-82 Form. This form must be completed online and printed on two separate pages (not back to back). The passport office will not accept hand-written DS-82 applications.

  • Print two (2) copies of your completed DS-82 form with a 2D barcode.
  • Improperly completed applications will delay the processing of your passport.
  • Hand written applications will not be accepted.

4. Letter of Authorization
Please print two (2) identical signed Letters of Authorization.

  • Both must have original signatures
  • Put one original signed letter inside the sealed envelope, and Attach the other original signed letter to the outside of the sealed envelope.

5. Proof of Departure
Computer generated flight itinerary from the airline or a travel agency, copy of airline ticket or a corporate letter stating US departure by private aircraft with the travelers name on it.

  • If you have not purchased your tickets please contact us to further assist you,

6. Name Change (if applicable)
If you have legally changed your name and you wish to have your new Passport issued with your new name, you must submit an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order showing the name change. Your new Passport will be issued in your new name.

7. Passport Submission Appointment
A passport submission appointment is necessary as we are limited on slots. Please contact us to make a reservation prior to shipping your documents.

8. Government Fee
As part of this process, we will provide a company check payable to the "US Department of State" to complete your submission.

9. AllStar Order Form
For us to process your passport request properly and timely, you must include our Order Form. Where you will provide your contact and shipping information, choose the passport processing needed and make your payment. You must print the completed form and send it to AllStar with all other supporting documents.

  • Coming to our office? You may complete this when you come in.

Important Notes

AllStar Passports & Visas cannot fulfill processing times if your passport application is suspended by the Passport Agency. Below please find most frequent reasons in which you may not be eligible for a passport or your passport application may be suspended:

  • You owe child support in excess of $2,000.00
  • You are on probation which restricts international travel
  • You have an outstanding criminal warrant against you which prohibits travel outside the U.S.
  • You owe the government a repatriation loan
  • Your check written to the Department of State for a previous passport did not have sufficient funds.
  • Additional documentation may be requested by the Department of State.

This is an exception to the normal processing of the application. It is typically requested to further clarify your identity.

Our processing times are given in BUSINESS days and not (calendar days). It excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays!

Document Printing Instructions
All documents, such as passport applications, Letter of Authorization, travel itinerary etc. must be printed single sided.

  • The US Department of State, Passport Agency scans all your documents and scanning is not possible for double-sided documents.
  • Please be advised documents printed double-sided will not be accepted by the Department and cause delays in your process.

Matching Signatures
The signatures on all documents must match.

Next Step

  • Review all the instructions
  • Complete and print all passport application forms, including AllStar Order Form
  • Bring or send the Order Form plus all documents above to AllStar.

Bring in or Send Documents via FedEx Overnight:
AllStar Passport & Visas
5455 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1107
Los Angeles, CA 90036

We take U. S. Passport Photos

We take U. S. Passport Photos

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