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AllStar Passports and Visas specializes in obtaining Indian visas. We process our applications through the San Francisco Consulate in as little as 10-12 Business days!

Please select the appropriate India visa type and receive step-by-step instructions and India visa applications.

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Note: Persons of Indian origin are required to surrender Indian citizenship. Those who have already renounced Indian citizenship must provide a copy of a renunciation certificate AND naturalization certificate. Persons of Indian origin who have NOT renounced Indian citizenship or CANNOT SHOW PROOF of renunciation must first apply for renunciation directly through CKGS.

CKGS does not accept renunciation applications from travel agencies, visa services or other third parties. Applicants are required by the Indian Government to apply for the 10 year validity Tourist visa.ndia visa in as little as 24 hours.

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We take passport photos

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